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eduMOOC is upon us, and more chaotic than ever!

Well, eduMOOC starts today!
This will be my fourth MOOC, and it seems to be the most chaotic to date, even more chaotic than CCK11! It seems like LAK11, perhaps due to its theme, didn't have many active participants, which made it easier to follow. CCK11 was a but more chaotic, but gRSShopper made it easier to find and prune blog posts of interest to read and comment back on. mobiMOOC was less chaotic than CCK11 (at least for me) because all discussion was in a central place - like in LAK11, but it was a manageable volume of information.

eduMOOC seems to have two strikes against it - A TON of volume and it's a bit chaotic. The course is hosted on google groups and it seems like some of the participants don't know where to say their hellos, as a consequence there are many "hello, I am..." threads (in addition to the official thread), and people respond to those which makes thread mushroom out of control and fragment the discussion. I do wonder if this is an etiquette issue, or a user training issue. If this were resolved it would probably help a bit with the perceived information overload (no that I read each and every email that comes my way from eduMOOC).

This MOOC ought to be interesting, both in terms of its theme, and in terms of the volume of learners on it. It should be a learning experience for my own MOOC planning :-)
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