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Artifact FROM learning

The other day I was organizing some materials at home and I came across a box of things that I used to have hanging around on my old office's pinboard, things that I haven't brought to the new office yet.  The index card on the right is one of those items and it is an artifact FROM learning (as opposed to an artifact of learning...maybe it can be both, who knows).

In any case, the story behind this artifact comes from my days as an MBA student. It was in one of my Human Resources courses, Labor Relations to be precise, that this artifact was generated. In this course we were broken down into teams of Labor Leaders and Managers and we had to negotiate a new union contract because our old one had expired. I have to say that this was and interesting and useful experience despite the fact that it was a mock negotiation.  The card was given to me by one of the members of management (quite a character that classmate!) when I had brought up an alternative to their suggestion in the course of negotiations. He took the note card, wrote something on it, and either slid it across the table, or tossed it at me (I don't really remember, it was 2005). I looked at it and chuckled. If this were a real situation he wouldn't have done this (it would have been a token of bad faith on the part of management I believe) and I wouldn't find it funny.

I haven't kept many incidental or impromptu tokens FROM learning experiences over the past years like this one, but this one I thought worthy enough to pin to my pinboard. I wonder why? (perhaps it the Matt Groeningeque handwriting)
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