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Sev Trek: Kirk casts God

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Review: Armada

Armada Armada by Ernest Cline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was looking forward to reading this book as soon as I discovered that it existed. I really liked "Ready Player One" and this book did not disappoint. The book has a ton of references to (mostly) 80s pop-culture and it indulges the conspiracy theorists that say that the government is preparing us for the imminent arrival of our alien foes. I enjoyed the book, but the ending had me a bit sad - seriously kid finds long lost relative that they thought died in an explosion only to...die in an explosion? Pffttt. OK, I was looking for a happier ending rather than a bitter sweet ending. The next question is this - is there a sequel coming?

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Of Metal Gears and Fidget Spinners...

From this past week's Sunday Comics section of Kotaku - Snake talking about the evolution of the metal gear mech design, and news on fidget spinners (a fad of the mid 2017s for those future historians looking back).

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The Orville - scifi humor!

The Orville is a scifi comedy show coming to FOX this coming fall.  It being on FOX, if the show is any good it will most likely be cancelled (LOL), but I hope it's good and it stays on the air (if Family Guy is still on the air...then surely this must remain as well!)

Many seem to be comparing it to Galaxy Quest, but I think the comparison is a bit off.  Galaxy Quest was about actors playing SciFi roles, and then being called upon to execute those role in real life (through the help of galactic beings).  This just seems to be space humor through and through.

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Sev Trek: Jailbreak

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Review: Place-Based Spaces for Networked Learning

Place-Based Spaces for Networked Learning Place-Based Spaces for Networked Learning by Lucia Carvalho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting book of cases in Networked Learning. It's fun to see some familiar researcher names pop-up where you don't expect them. This book seems like it has a well-rounded selection of case studies where Networked Learning and Space intersect. Good read, even though not all of the chapters really pertained to my work. Near the end I started skimming across chapters since they were of spaces and locations that aren't really in my day to day work.

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Throwing money at Nintendo...

From last week's gamercat...  As much as I want to throw money at Nintendo for the switch, I can't justify the cost and game availability (and cost thereof).  As a child of the 90s though....Nintendo! (i.e. irrational behaviors at times)

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Commendations complete!

Holy Chalupa, Batman!

After close to 5 years of playing this Star Trek Online (since it went Free to Play basically) my primary character (Tolya Kotrolya) has finally maxed out all of his commendations!  The elusive commendation was the "recruitment" commendation which for the Federation folk it seems pretty hard to get (unless you want to sacrifice a whole bunch of uncommon and rare Duty Offices to trade them in for something higher in rarity).  Comparatively both my KDF-faction character and my Romulan-faction character were able to complete all commendations relatively quickly (a few year ago!)

So how did I get the to the final stretch?  Two ways - buy Refugee characters from the exchange for recruitment missions (which from a symbolic perspective this is pretty disconcerting - if you really think about it), do some colonization missions which give a little recruitment XP as well, and I broke down and traded under-perfoming  duty officers for higher rarity ones.  Took a while, but it worked!  I guess now I just need to go through and earn some other accolades that I've put off over the years - such as the exploration ones. All this, thought, is making me think that I keep getting further and further entrenched in my main character. No matter how much I like my other characters (KDF, Romulan, Delta Recruit, Temporal Agent) there is too much invested in the main character to give them up.

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Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine

SNL reminded me of this song last week...good stuff. Hard to believe it's almost 20 years ago.

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Πάμε για ποδήλατο!

Από το τελευταίο bike hike. Δεν πολυπέτυχε η πυραμίδα
Κάθε χρονιά το πενταμελές, μαζί με τους καθηγητές που ήταν σύμβουλοι για το τμήμα μας, οργάνωναν ένα «bike hike», ή «περίπατο» με ποδήλατα. Αυτό συνήθως γινόταν κάποιο Σάββατο τον Μάη όταν είχαμε καλοκαιρία και το σχολικό έτος άρχιζε σιγά σιγά να λειτουργεί με ρυθμούς καλοκαιρινούς. Έτσι λοιπόν μαζευόμαστε όσοι ενδιαφερόμασταν το πρωί μπροστά στο λύκειο με τα ποδήλατά μας και μέσα σε κάνα 20-λεπτο βρισκόμασταν σε κάποιο πάρκο (reservation), το οποίο είχαμε κλείσει για εμάς. Οι καθηγητές έφερναν τα σνακ, το φαΐ, τα κάρβουνα για την ψησταριά, και διάφορες μπάλες για διάφορα αθλήματα. Αν και δεν θυμάμαι που πηγαίναμε νομίζω πως ήταν στο wilson mountain reservation.

Το πάρκο είχε αρκετό πράσινο, αλλά και μονοπάτια για ποδήλατα mountain αλλά και για απλούς περιπάτους Αρκετοί από εμάς παίζαμε βόλεϋ, αλλά και touch football (αν και ακόμα δεν καταλαβαίνω τους κανονισμούς αυτού του παιχνιδιού). Το ποδήλατο μου ήταν μόνο για ασφαλτομένο δρόμο, έτσι λοιπόν δανειζόμουν ένα ποδήλατο από αυτά που είχαν φέρει οι καθηγητές από το σχολείο. Μερικοί από τους καθηγητές είχαν έρθει με αγροτικά, οπότε μπορούσαν να κουβαλήσουν αρκετά και διάφορα.

Αυτό το συνεχίσαμε για όλα τα 4 τα χρόνια του λυκείου με το τμήμα μας. Ήταν μια εμπειρία που μου έδωσε την ευκαιρία να μάθω πέντε πράγματα για τους συμμαθητές μου που για άλλους λόγους δεν θα είχα ευκαιρίες για κάνουμε παρέα. Την τελευταία χρονιά, όταν ήμασταν στην τρίτη λυκείου, δεν είχαμε πολλούς που ήρθαν στον περίπατο. Ζήτημα είναι το να είχαμε 15 άτομα. Αλλά και λίγα άτομα που είχαμε καλά περάσαμε. Την τελευταία χρονιά κάναμε και μια ιστορία με φωτογραφίες που την βάλαμε και στο yearbook. Χάσανε όσοι δεν ήρθαν ;-)
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