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Metal Gear: Peacewalker | done

Big Boss

I've been meaning to writ a quick recap of metal gear: peacewalker for a few weeks now, but something always seems to come up. I guess it's good that I have some commuting time to prepare a draft blog post ;-). In any case, a few weeks ago I was going through trying to complete peacewalker, and after an "aha" moment I was able to get through to the end. The game was pretty interesting, the handling of the controls was good, and the story was pretty freakin' awesome. I'm becoming much more of a fan of the franchise. There cinematics and the manga feel of some cut scenes was also pretty welcomed. It reminded me of the PSP metal gear (that I never finished).

There were some really frustrating moment in the game. First, the button mashing. There is a scene where Dr. strangelove is torturing you and you have to resist electrocution by holding up your stamina. How do you hold up your staming? Button mashing! This was a major #fail because ended up walking away frustrated and with a sore index finger for a few days while I was stuck here; until I read the "trick" with using a spoon to button mash that apparently helps you button mash much more efficiently and quickly.

Another issue was the fake ending. Upon completion of Act IV, you get a fake ending where you have to keep going after Zadornov who keeps escaping, but you need to play extra side missions to get him to escape and then go catch him and bring him back. Not only that, but I didn't realize that I could replay the AI original AI battles (which are easier) to get AI parts for peacewalker, so I ended up playing the Version 2 AI battles that were harder,and didn't necessarily give more points or AI parts...#fail. Well, once I went back and played some quick AI version 1 battles to get some parts, I built my peacewalker and had the final battle and "real" ending.

A thing I liked was the recruiting of former energies to be part of your MSF. The mechanic for getting them back to your base was much more streamlined than the PSP version where you had to drag knocked out enemies all the way back to the beginning of the stage. Another nice thing: no over the top bosses! When all is said and done, I completed the game with 18 achievements (36% if the total). Not bad, but I don't really care to go back and complete the rest. Maybe in a few years ;-).

Now, let's see how Sons of liberty is. I remember playing it on the original PS2 with a friend and getting close to the end when it originally came out. Let's see how much patience I have for the overhead camera aesthetic.


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