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Harvey Keitel? Are you kidding me?

OK, Life on Mars, the US version, started recently and MUCH to my disappointment the role of Gene Hunt is NOT played by Colm Meany but by Harvey Keitel. Now I had read the previews and I did not care much about the series because I felt that it could not do justice to the original BBC production. In addition, originally there wasn't an Annie in the story (a main character in the BBC version) - this was fixed.

I was willing to give the series a try because Meany was going to be Hunt but now that they've gotten rid of him and replaced him with Keitel - thanks but no thanks! There's a lot of other TV to be had and I don't plan on wasting my time with the US version of Life on Mars. Since I never say never...I may give it a try next summer on hulu (or the network's site) when there is generally nothing much on TV.

Bad decision ABC, bad decision!
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