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What happened to Second Life?

I saw on article on the BBC the other day and I was surprised at people being surprised at Second Life because it seems like such a "d'uh" type of thing to anyone who's ever used Second Life!

The problem with Second Life, as I've written (or probably just said) countless times are:

  1. Crazy requirements for your computer. Nothing is going to take off if the requirements for use are insane!

  2. Graphics stink - seriously! Unless you're on a great computer with a great internet connection

  3. The learning curve is HUGE

  4. There isn't really much to do on there. I know that people get on there to chat, but I would rather have my real life body lounging than have my avatar lounge.

  5. Spending real money to get stuff that disappears? No way!

  6. For developers you are depending on LindenLabs for everything - no self hosting

  7. For developers - No offline development

Quite honestly, Second Life is a great concept but it's a solution in need of a problem. I can see some great pedagogical applications for SL, but the way it's implemented now, it's not all that useful, other than the occasional voyeur or experimenter lurking.
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