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Batman Arkham Asylum - some thoughts (Spoilers)

Last week while on vacation I  plowed through Batman Arkham Asylum.  I was really surprised to finish the game while I was I was only showing a 66% completion rate (I guess I should have read the manual to really know what that percentage actually meant!).

In any case, I have to say that once I finished the game and I saw a container of Titan along with the Scarecrow coming up from the water by the sea I was hoping for more - which obviously did not come.  The game was pretty good: the gameplay was pleasing, the graphics and the combat were visually pleasing and it was just right for my level of play.  There are times that I felt that I was being lead from point-to-point in order to collect something or punch some henchman's lights out which made the game not as much fun. I felt that the game didn't have as much of an open-world feel to it as Assassin's Creed did.

I think I only got a little more than half of the achievements in this game, but then again I was not looking to get all the riddler trophies and to complete all of the challenges (I really don't get the point of these challenges outside of the story). Note to self - plug xbox to the internet to I can upload changes to my gamer score...
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