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Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2 | done

Last spring when Microsoft had sales on their xbox live store, one of the daily deals was Modern Warfare. All three were on for sale, but th first two we're $10 a piece while the third one was more like $25 or $39. Not a sufficient drop in price for my liking, and I did not know if I'd like the series enough to play three games in a series. So, I ended up just grabbing the first two. This ended up not being a bad deal. Both games were pretty cool as far as FPS games go, especially ones that came out earlier in the life of the xbox 360.

Both games seemed rather short to me. After having played through two metal gears, which seemed quite long, these two games seemed to progress quite quickly through their acts. Granted, I did put the game on normal mode (nothing crazy like hardened on my first try), but still the difficulty level wasn't bad for someone new to the game, and it felt challenging but short. What it lacked in length, the games made up in excitement. Sure, they are shooters so they should be exhiting but sometimes shooters seem to sacrifice story for action. The story did draw me in. Admitedly more so on huge second one then the first one, but the first one's story wasn't that bad. I definitely had more of a "connection" (for lack of a better word) to "roach" than I did with "soap" on th first one, but soap does kick some serious behind in tha second one.

One thing that annoyed me in this game was the dead of main characters. PFC Jackson dies in the first one and Roach dies in the second one. boooo! I could deal a bit more with the PFC buying the farm in the first one because you only really played two missions with him before his untimely end. But Roach? Seriously? I went through almost the entire game dodging bullets before Sheppard kills him off in a cinematic sequence. Quite disappointing. I was ready to throw my controller on the screen when I thought roach was also going to kick the bucket (luckily for my TV he did not). I am quite curious to see what modern warfare 3 has in store for our protagonists.

At the end if the day, through one play through I have 16/37 (43%) of the achievements in Modern Warfare (310/1000 points); and 17/50 (34%) of the achievements in Modern Warfare 2 (255/1000 points). This is much less than I would have expected from a game that I enjoyed, but I would be willing to go back and play both again at a more difficult setting right now. I will most likely be going back to MW2 to complete the special ops to get some more achievements, but since the game was such a thrill ride, I am just considering taking a brief break for Rainbow Six Vegas, and then coming back to these (until Black Friday comes and. assassins Creed IV comes on sale on amazon ;-). )


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