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Summer show catch-up: Agent Carter

One of the shows that's been flying under my radar for a couple of seasons is Marvel's Agent Carter. Since it's summer, and fairly quiet on the new TV show front, I thought it would be great to catch-up and see if this show was any good. 

The show follows Peggy Carter, from the Captain America movies, after the conclusion of World War II.  The SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) still exists, it's still secret, and...well - Peggy Carter has received a demotion now that the war is over and she can go back and do "womanly things" (such as fetching lunch... I call BS) .  The first season, or at least part of it anyway, was about Carter demonstrating that she is just as good as any man in the role of an Agent. The show could have done more with this angle.  During world war II many women stepped up into work outside of the home to make sure that the war effort was successful, and when the men returned they were shoved back to those previous roles. I think the show could have explored that social commentary a little more, showing stories from other women as well.

The show, in both seasons, seems to have a main bad guy, which in this case seems to be some sort of hydra-like organization.  One of the things that the SSR and Carter try to contain is something that looks a lot like the black goo (Zero Matter) that the monolith from Agents of Shield looks like in its liquid form. If you paid enough attention to the show it seemed like the show was setting up a lot of connections between Agents of Shield and this show.  There were also other connections in the show as well.  Howard Stark was pretty funny, and I think that Domenic Cooper really played that playboy role pretty well.  Edwin Jarvis is also a great character who doesn't quite seem comfortable in his own skin.  The whole romance with Agent Sousa didn't quite catch on for me.  He always seemed like an add-on character to the Carter, Jarvis, Stark trio - but who knows if the show had additional seasons it may have worked out! Too bad that the show was cancelled after two seasons.    Here's to hoping that Netflix picks it up.
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