v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time


Well... I guess it's adieu to Zite.  Back when Google Reader closed down I was trying to find the best approximation for Google Reader I could find.  Zite was one of the things I tried on the iPad.  It wasn't bad as a piece of software, it basically took your RSS feeds and presented them sort of like a magazine.  You could also pick from a variety of news topics and those were handpicked for you.  The concept is similar to Flipboard, and as a matter of fact Flipboard acquired them.

I ended up settling on using Reeder on the iPad and tying that to Feedly account.  My RSS feeds bring in more than 2000 items a day and newspaper-style presentation doesn't allow me to browse (and mark as read) as quickly as something like Reeder.  For links shared on social networks, like facebook and twitter, zite and flipboard are perfectly fine - and that's how I use them.  I do wonder now that Apple News is on iOS 9 if this will further impact apps like these.

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