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Week 3 of 13!

OK, so Week 3 of 13 is upon us! This is quite a busy semester! I am working on furiously on proofreading and editing my 100+ page (single space) capstone project - I could trim about 7 pages or so of just pure theory at the beginning, and about 10 pages of justification of why I used certain things in my design document, but that's half the fun of the project ;-)

In other areas, weekly article critiques for my sociolinguistics course and almost weekly journal entries from my communications class. I think I've gotten into the groove of these two courses so by Saturday afternoon I can have most work done and enjoy a few hours of TV watching on the weekend.

My online class is an unknown at this point since we are a week off from my other classes (so it's actually week 2 of 13 as far as online is concerned), so I guess I have not yet found my rhythm.

I have to say that I am enjoying my face to face classes (sociolinguistics and communications theory) MUCH more than I had anticipated. Good instructors!
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